The Agonist Journal

Fall 2020

Summer 2020


Overwhelmed by the egregore, we long to break free.

Monsters All Around Us

Unlike our multicultural sentimentalists, the ancient Greeks had no illusions about the dark aspects of human nature.

Spring 2020


How the corona crisis shows us what counts.

Von Mises' Secret Sharer

How Mises the economist exposed Mises the philosopher’s curious reliance on the Ricardian framework to sell free trade.

Winter 2019

Kilroy was Here

The purpose of the military bureaucracy is neither to win nor avoid wars.

The New Prudery

It is important to understand what motivates the language police.

Fall 2019

Albion Slain

The debasement of language in a homogenizing world whose supreme value is utility.

Summer 2019

Basic Bitch Hayek

Don't confuse Hayek with mainstream conservative idiots.

Widening Gyres

A philosopher explains why the centrists are so shallow.

Spring 2019

Winter 20181819>

The Male Genius

Anthony Esolen on the agonistic character of male genius.

Bards Reborn

Jacob Phillips on the rebirth of poetic language.

Human Rights Follies

Andrew Tettenborn on how expanded rights ironically have stifled freedom on the Continent.