The Agonist Journal

Editor & Publisher

Christopher DeGroot writes a weekly column for Taki’s Magazine, and his writing has also appeared in Spectator USA, The American Spectator, The Daily Caller, American Thinker, Frontpage Magazine, New English Review, Jacobite Magazine, The Unz Review, VoegelinView, The Mises Institute, Splice Today, Expansive Poetry Online, Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts, and Life and Legends. His Twitter handle is @CEGrotius.

Senior Editor

Peter Y. Paik (Jo Han) is a writer and scholar living in Seoul, South Korea. He is the author of From Utopia to Apocalypse: Science Fiction and the Politics of Catastrophe, and the co-editor of Debt: Ethics, the Environment, and the Economy. His work has appeared in The Korea Times, New English Review, and The Valve. He has written scholarly articles on the idea of spiritual aristocracy, modernity in South Korea, the role of belief in secularism, and political theology.

Associate Editor

Andrew Cairns writes for The Agonist and American Greatness, his primary subjects being politics and economics. He is working on a book on economics as America’s founders understood it; its tentative title is Beyond Babylon: The Case Against the Global Economy. His Twitter handle is @MaximusPublius.

Contributing Editors

Anthony Esolen is a writer, social commentator, translator of classical poetry, and professor of English Renaissance and classical literature at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. He is the author of twenty-four books and numerous articles in such publications as Modern Age, The Catholic World Report, Chronicles, Claremont Review of Books, Public Discourse, First Things, Crisis Magazine, The Catholic Thing, and Touchstone, where he is a senior editor.

Paul Gottfried is Raffensperger Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Elizabethtown College, where he taught for twenty-five years. He writes for many websites and scholarly journals and is the author of thirteen books, most recently Fascism: The Career of a Concept and Revisions and Dissents. He is the founder and president of the H.L. Mencken Club, an organization for independent-minded intellectuals of the Right that meets annually near Baltimore.

Scott Beauchamp is a writer, poet, and critic. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, American Affairs, The American Conservative, The Baffler, The New Criterion, the Dublin Review of Books, The Paris Review, and elsewhere. His first book, Did You Kill Anyone?, will be published in January, 2020. His Twitter handle is @stb5g5.

Joseph S. Salemi is a poet, essayist, scholar, and translator whose work has appeared in scores of hard copy and online journals. For many years he was a regular contributor to The Pennsylvania Review, and he now functions in the same capacity for Expansive Poetry Online. He is the author of several books of poetry, and of the forthcoming epic-length satire A Gallery of Ethopaths, as well as Sporadic Animadversions: Twelve Literary Portraits.

Jennifer Reeser created The Agonist with Christopher DeGroot and served as literary editor until an illness compelled her to resign the position. Her poems, essays, literary criticism, and translations of French, Russian, Cherokee, and various Native American languages have appeared in venues including Poetry, The Hudson Review, National Review, First Things, Rattle, and Chronicles. Her website is and her Twitter handle is @_JenniferReeser.