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“Sleepy Joe,” as dubbed by his opponent Donald Trump, has been unofficially declared the 46th president of the United States of America, although the result is contested due to allegations of industrial-scale voting fraud. After a nationwide tour of exuberant rallies, Trump won the most votes for a sitting president ever, yet he lost to a man who rarely emerged from his basement.

“This contribution needs a pullquote”

At 77 years of age, Joe Biden has a lifetime of political experience. But although he served as vice-president to Barack Obama, he was hardly the strongest candidate for the Democrats.

The real reason for Biden’s shy campaigning was not the coronavirus outbreak, but his failing mental faculties. Not that the public would have known this from CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times or Washington Post.

Critics referred to him as “senile.” This term is used pejoratively, but literally it simply means being of old age (senescence). The negative meaning derives from the old lexicon of the lunatic asylums. In the 19th century, dementia was an umbrella term for loss of mind: for example, a previously stable person who became delusional. In older people the common syndrome of memory loss and confusion was known as “senile dementia.” Following the work of Alois Alzheimer, it was understood that dementia is not a normal ageing process but a pathological state. It is really in the domain of neurology rather than psychiatry.

Diagnosis at a distance is a dubious endeavour, which psychiatrists tend to eschew. However, all the rules have been broken since Trump took charge, with a constant stream of supposedly expert analyses of the president as a narcissist or psychopath. In Biden’s case, the signs of mental dysfunction are readily apparent to anyone who has an elderly relative with worsening memory problems. Political rivals, commentators and the general public should not jump to conclusions, but Biden certainly shows a degree of cognitive decline that would be worrying for anyone, but especially for someone seeking the keys to the White House.

Is Biden in the early stage of dementia? The Alzheimer’s Society describes the following signs and symptoms of this disease: -

  • Failing memory for recent events and experiences
  • Difficulty in concentrating, planning or organizing (e.g. making decisions, solving problems or performing a sequence of tasks)
  • Communication problems, such as inability to follow a conversation or failing to find the right word
  • Impaired visio-spatial skills: difficulty in judging distances (e.g. on stairs) and in seeing things three-dimensionally
  • Loss of orientation to time and place

Biden does not consistently display all of these anomalies; he often appears sharp and in tune. But basic factual errors and wrong words became more frequent as he pursued the Democrat candidacy: -

  • Campaigning in Iowa in August 2019, Biden asserted that “we choose science over fiction,” followed by the punch-line ‘we choose truth over fact’
  • At the Asian & Latino Coalition in Des Moines, “poor kids,” Biden exclaimed, are “just as talented as white kids”
  • In September 2019 at the Workers’ Presidential Summit in Philadelphia, he claimed that tax credits “would put 720 million women back in the workforce”
  • At a rally prior to Super Tuesday, Biden stumbled on the Declaration of Independence: -

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created by the…you know the thing!”
  • At the Democrat primary debate in South Carolina he told the audience of 150 million fatal shootings since his opponent Bernie Sanders had voted for gun manufacturers’ exemption from liability
  • In his home state of Delaware in July he erroneously welcomed folk to “Kingswood Community Center”; after an awkward pause he somehow made it worse: -

    “Actually that’s the one I used to work. It’s a joke…You know where you were.”

Although not reported by the rabidly anti-Trump media, each faux pas was viewed by millions on the unforgiving internet. Biden often gets irritable when challenged, another sign of faulty cognition. In Michigan he told a man who had criticized him on gun control: “you’re full of shit.” At a New Hampshire rally in February he reacted to a woman’s doubts about him standing up for workers, snapping “you’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” Trump may be boorish, but he hasn’t approached this level of abuse.

Sympathetic observers attributed these gaffes to stress (although that is not very reassuring for a would-be president). In a poll by Zogby in August, the majority of respondents believed that Biden has dementia, including a third of Democrat voters. He may have mild cognitive impairment, a condition that tends to progress to dementia, sooner or later. The electorate deserved to know whether Biden is mentally fit to lead, but requests for independent assessment were ignored. He could have allayed concerns by taking the Montreal Cognitive Function Test, but perhaps those pulling the strings in the Democrat Party feared the outcome.

Indeed, the Democrats didn’t want Biden tested either by neuropsychological instrument or by open political debate. The coronavirus lockdown, therefore, was beneficial, sparing Biden from addressing mass rallies and the likelihood of underwhelmed audiences in half-full venues. He was never robustly questioned by the press. He participated in two televised debates, but the presenters almost entirely focused on Trump; for example, accusing the president of encouraging extremists, while cities were looted and burned by Democrat-supported Antifa thugs.

While Trump held daily mass political rallies in towns and cities across the nation, Biden reached those who bothered to listen by facing his computer camera in a windowless home basement. But even with a script to follow, Biden repeatedly blunders. He found using Zoom confusing; sometimes he seemed to be wondering where he was.

The Democrats and drivers of the globalist agenda were determined to oust Trump by any means necessary. As an acceptable figurehead for the ascendant hard Left, Biden is a Trojan horse for an American experiment with totalitarian government. Already there is talk of transition of the presidency to Kamala Harris, his more radical running mate who will set the agenda. If Biden is declared victor, he might last less time than the ninth president, Willian Henry Harrison, who served just 31 days before he died of typhoid pneumonia. The White House would go woke.

Since the election, Biden’s mental lapses have become harder to hide. At a press gathering after a meeting with state governors, the supposed president-elect tried to sound authoritative, but his tongue was easily tied: “We’re going to impose the—enforce the— excuse me, employ the defence, reconstruct the act, to be able to go out there and dictate companies, build and do following things.”

Such mental fog is troubling when you consider that for thirty years Biden supported every U.S. military intervention; his misreading of an emerging conflict could cause rapid escalation. Yet as a puppet of the New World Order, Biden would be kept in the Oval Office for as long as possible. Decisions would be taken out of his hands, and the Great Reset would proceed. Or as Biden might say, “back better build thing.”